VisualApplets Embedder for Smart Custom Cameras

VisualApplets Embedder makes practically any camera intelligent

With VisualApplets Embedder, Silicon Software now offers a solution not just for image processing hardware manufacturers, but for system builder and end users as well, that intelligently designs resource-saving image pre-processing and makes customized applications possible.
Camera customers can use VisualApplets to create applications for FPGA-based image pre-processing directly in the camera. Simply, graphically, with no prior hardware description language knowledge.

What is VisualApplets Embedder?

  • Cameras’ hardware can be easily equipped with VisualApplets Embedder technology, allowing a large portion of the image pre-processing to be executed on the FPGA.
  • Image pre-processing function executed by the FPGA is programmed using Silicon Software’s VisualApplets, which not only makes a variety of standard applications available, but also enables solutions for entirely individual demands.
  • VisualApplets’ graphical programming environment with direct access to algorithms makes it possible. Expert knowledge in FPGA hardware programming is not required.
  • In- and outputs, as well as connections to further external digital interfaces such as PLC controls, lighting and other devices, can be programmed directly from the camera using VisualApplets Embedder.

The VisualApplets Embedder White Paper

This white paper is available as a free download and provides a look into how VisualApplets Embedder functions.

Contents include:

  • How does VisualApplets Embedder work?
  • How can VisualApplets Embedder be integrated into cameras?
  • What does the development environment look like?
  • How can individual applications for image pre-processing be created using VisualApplets?

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