Punctually at the 10th VisualApplets jubilee we released the new version 3 of our multiple honored development environment. VisualApplets presents itself as 64 bit version. New are amongst others operators which represent loops in the data flow model. By this, it is possible to calculate image sequences and matchings along with image batch processing resource-saving on the FPGA for applications such as rolling average. The FFT operator (Fast Fourier Transformation) has been enhanced to implement more complex filters with a high computing time such as band-pass filters resource-efficient. In addition, it is possible to use Xilinx Vivado software for the final creation (synthesis) of the FPGA hardware code as applets, which increases the speed of the realization in many cases. Silicon Software frame grabbers of the V series are already pre-licensed for the use with VisualApplets. Baumer cameras of the LX VisualApplets series are already compatible with VisualApplets 3.

Punctually for its 10th jubilee the new version VisualApplets 3 is published

During the year we will launch several extensions with additional functionality. The VisualApplets 3 extension Expert allows importing existing HDL code from VHDL and Verilog easily to VisualApplets and to further work it as generic operator.
With the extension Embedder you will make your own image processing hardware compatible to VisualApplets. Additional image processing libraries are offered as functional extensions.

All modules will be offered as single license and include free updates and support until the next major release.

FPGA Programming for Real-time Applications

With the development environment software programmers and application engineers without special knowledge in hardware programming are able to design securely and in short time by using data flow models complex individual and industry-specific image processing applications on FPGAs. All programmable applications are executed on the FPGA hardware in real-time.

For further information please contact us under sales@silicon.software or by phone +49 621 789507-39.

New version VisualApplets 3

Development environment for individual FPGA programming