Our Image Processing Solutions are Trusted by Companies Around the World

Solutions by Silicon Software are Found in Multiple Industries and Applications.

Silicon Software installs FPGAs as its central processor technology. With the development of internal programming languages and tools, implementation of image processing functions is optimized and significantly accelerated. Furthermore, additional real-time functions that execute image improvements and preprocessing are implemented. Silicon Software solutions are found in the most varied industries and applications.Among these are :

  • Sensor Correction
  • Image Reconstruction
  • High-Quality Color Reconstruction (CFA Bayer filter)
  • Alteration of Contrast Luminance or Gamma Values
  • Realtime 3D Analysis
  • Complex Blob Analysis
  • and many more…

We Don’t Simply Want Satisfied Customers – We Want Thrilled Customers.

Many of our customers are market leaders in your industries who set the standards in your markets – most notably in the quality of their products. So just good isn’t good enough. And image processing solutions are often decisive when dealing with unique selling points in competition.
Extraordinary quality standards require extraordinary solutions. We are proud to be asked to create image processing solutions with our hard- and software products that aren’t available off the rack, giving our customers yet another leg in their competition.


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