The Managing Directors of Silicon Software Dr. Ralf Lay (left) and Dr. Klaus-Henning Noffz (right) welcomed our partners and distributors in the picturesque wine town of Freinsheim to this year’s international sales meeting. From 28 to 30 June, there were lively discussions and an exchange on the sales, marketing and product strategies and developments. As an anniversary event, we celebrated our 20th anniversary and at the same time 20 years of our microEnable frame grabber series.

Improvements, New Features and New Products – Insights in Our Roadmap

International Sales Meeting 2017 in Freinsheim

The participants of the International Sales Meeting 2017 in Freinsheim

Whether in the conference room, in the hotel garden or at the relaxing evening events, our partners were discussing new developments, future products and also many improvements for their customers and the common partners relationship.
The roadmap of the new generation of frame grabbers has been introduced to meet customer requirements for applications and standards. What is expected in the coming years in the image processing was presented separately with the topic “Standards”.
Some of the presentations were devoted to the marketing and sales strategies of our products and solutions as well as our quality criteria and management.
Looking back on 20 years of Silicon Software, the microEnable frame grabber series and the 11 years of VisualApplets, a brief review showed the most important steps of the company’s development, our products and evolution of partnerships. Not least with a view to the future changes with our move to new premises in autumn 2018.

Just Another Story of VisualApplets Embedder

As a guest speaker Thomas Hilpert gave an in-depth lecture on the use of VisualApplets in SICK’s AppSpace products. He explained the extended potentials of the devices in combination with the software and hardware programming for use in automation. The required compatibility layer for the graphical programming of the FPGAs was implemented by SICK in just a few weeks via VisualApplets Embedder.

Mr. Thomas Hilpert, Product Manager 2D Vision at SICK during his highly informative presentation on SICK App Space and VisualApplets Embedder

Challenge on Convolutional Neural Networks

Klaus-Henning Noffz during his presentation on machine learning and the use of CNNs

Important topics of the partner meetings are the success stories and new application ranges with VisualApplets. One focus was the exciting presentation by STEMMER Imaging about the highly accurate inspection of large-area polymer fleece HighTech material.
One of the most often mentioned topic in image processing is Machine Learning. A preview of new algorithms and operators in VisualApplets gave the presentation on the use of CNNs on the FPGA, which enables and significantly accelerated visual analysis even under difficult conditions.

We would like to thank all involved partners and distributors for active participation, look forward to many feedbacks about this partner meeting and the meeting next year at the International Sales Meeting 2018!