Together with the new Runtime 5.6 we enhanced the microEnable 5 marathon frame grabber series by two further CoaXPress frame grabbers and the external image acquisition device LightBridge 2 ACL. In addition to the already available CoaXPress boards ACX-QP and the programmable variant VCX-QP with respectively four ports the ACX-DP with two ports and ACX-SP with one port have been launched.

microEnable 5 marathon quad port frame grabber ACX/VCX-QP

The frame grabbers support color (RGB and Bayer) and monochrome area, line scan and CIS sensors. By an enhancement of the included acquisition functions (applets) all CoaXPress frame grabbers of the marathon series support different topologies from single via dual up to quad configurations (from CXP1 to CXP6). For General Purpose Input/Output signals two GPIO connections that are independently configurable (card edge GPIO and inboard GPIO) are available.
Press Release microEnable 5 marathon CoaXPress Frame Grabbers

With the LightBridge 2 ACL the economical A-variant of the external image acquisition device LightBridge 2 is now available. It offers a multitude of applicable image processing and pre-processing functions and all advantages of a classical frame grabber. Due to its compact size the device can be installed on the factory floor while the image analysis can be accomplished on a PC at a remote location. Together with the device, smaller PCs such as industrial PCs can be used, which are connected with electrical or optical ThunderboltTM 2 cables, lowering total system costs. The durable optical cables with up to 60 meters length guarantee a huge amount of bending cycles and an interference-free data transfer.
Press Release LightBridge 2 ACL/VCL

External frame grabber LightBridge 2 ACL/VCL