The new Runtime Service Release 5.4.2 for Windows and Linux for all Silicon Software frame grabbers is now available. The runtime contains all necessary software tools for the frame grabber installation, configuration, diagnosis and the image acquisition features (Applets) with Silicon Software frame grabbers.

Beside the Linux distribution Ubuntu also Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.x (32bit/64bit) is supported, which has a high acceptance in the industrial market. Silicon Software users can profit from professional support and maintenance service by Red Hat.

Runtime 5.4.2

The image processing applets for the frame grabbers of the marathon CL and ironman CXP series have been revised and are now available as a new version. Main improvement in the applet set is the implementation of an enhanced PoCL detection (Power over CL). A better camera simulator and the enhancement of the CoaXPress interface should be mentioned as improvements of the applet sets of the ironman CXP frame grabber.

New frame grabbers for CoaXPress and Camera Link HS

With the new runtime we offer two new frame grabbers of the marathon product line: microEnable 5 marathon ACX-QP and microEnable 5 marathon VF2. Both frame grabbers support up to 1,800 MB/s data bandwidth and are equipped with Front-GPIO (Sub D15 connector) and onboard trigger for the communication and synchronization with external peripherals.

The microEnable 5 marathon ACX-QP frame grabber of the A-Series for image acquisition is our offer with an excellent price-performance ratio for all current CoaXPress cameras. The board is equipped with DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors for CXP-1 to CXP-6 for one to four cameras.
Further information on the microEnable 5 marathon ACX-QP frame grabber

microEnable 5 marathon ACX-QP für CoaXPress-Kameras

microEnable 5 marathon ACX-QP for CoaXPress-Kameras

microEnable 5 marathon VF2

microEnable 5 marathon VF2 supports optical
Camera Link HS

The microEnable 5 marathon VF2 frame grabber of the V-Series for image acquisition and processing supports Camera Link HS 1.1. Equipped with two camera ports as SFP+ connectors for optical fiber cable (F2), transfer distances of image data up to 300 meters are possible. The board has been developed especially to enable users the implementation of an own image processing.
Further information on the microEnable 5 marathon VF2 frame grabber

Release notes and download runtime release 5.4.2