VisualApplets for Smart Vision Development Kit

VisualApplets SVDK (VA-SVDK) is an integrated FPGA application development platform for Smart Vision Development Kit (SVDK). It embeds the interfaces of SVDK under the graphical FPGA programming environment VisualApplets, offers the access onto the FPGA processor of the PicoZed board, the use of the Machine Vision interfaces and Aptina camera module of the SVDK Carrier Card, and enables an easy-to-use and intuitive programming for Machine Vision applications.

VisualApplets SVDK covers the VisualApplets programming environment and the SVDK platform installer. The platform installation expands VisualApplets for operators that provide the interface functionality with the SVDK Carrier Card. Documentation and examples explain a successful installation and launch of the first application on the SVDK.

VisualApplets eases to learn the quick and effective deployment of FPGA programming. It is targeted to hardware programmer, but also to software programmers and application engineers. VisualApplets can be easily integrated into team-based work processes.
It uses the “language of the image processing people”. The algorithmic development can be quickly verified via an image evaluation. To develop designs quickly and accurately, we have integrated, among other things, a bandwidth analysis, a resource overview on design and operator base, and a high-level simulation. VisualApplets delivers by its SDK generator executable application code that can be inserted directly into the machine vision application. VisualApplets defines state-of-the-art software for all developers who use FPGA processing for their applications in Machine Vision industry.

Embedded Visual Applets (eVA) is a development platform for manufacturers of own FPGA-based devices. Besides VisualApplets development environment, further tools are provided those generate the interface logic between device interfaces (input and output peripherals, memory, FPGA) and the VisualApplets core.

The VisualApplets SVDK is available now!

– Which version is the most suitable one?

In order to examine the possibilities of VisualApplets for developing customized applications on your FPGA hardware, Silicon Software offers different development and consulting packages.

VA SVDK Trial Version

“Test VisualApplets and experience the new FPGA programming feeling”

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  • You would like to test VisualApplets. You are interested in a graphical state-of-the -art programming of FPGA for image processing applications. You don’t own the SVDK hardware or you don’t need it, And you have an internet access and are able to download app. 150 MB.

VA SVDK Trial Version - DVD issue

“Test VisualApplets and experience the new FPGA programming feeling”

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  • You are interested in a graphical state-of-the -art programming of FPGA for image processing applications. You don’t own the SVDK hardware or you don’t need it, And you don’t have an internet access and would like to receive the trial version on a data media.

VA-SVDK Evaluation Kit

“Create your first own applications on the SVDK in minutes”

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  • You want to try out the runtime behavior of your FPGA design on hardware. You own or have ordered the SVDK hardware (carrier board and FPGA card). You want to start with larger designs and need to save evaluation projects. You are interested in all functional features of VisualApplets. You would like to estimate the application complexity for image processing on a ZYNQ architecture. You would like to experience the VisualApplets and complete application development workflow.
  • ADD-ON OPTION 1: You don’t own a WIBU key dongle and need a license carrier.
  • ADD-ON OPTION 2: And you don’t have an internet access and would like to receive the evaluation kit on a data media.

Embedded Visual Applets

“Design your FPGA systems with Visual Applets and us”

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  • You have successfully tested the Trial Version or the Evaluation Kit and you are convinced by VisualApplets. You develop hardware by your own and would like to program it by VisualApplets. You use Xilinx FPGAs and need an access to the FPGA for your own or for the customer. You need a programming environment, which needs less support. You plan long-termed and wnat to integrate your software programmers and application engineers in FPGA programming projects.

Smart Vision Development Kit (SVDK)

The Smart Vision Development Kit leverages the PicoZed System-On-Module (SOM) by providing a feature-rich, modular carrier card for machine vision applications.
This kit provides all the necessary components to start development of embedded vision applications, including the PicoZed 7015 Zynq SOM, the Smart Vision Carrier Card, a 1.2MP Aptina camera module, power supply, various cables, and a 1-year license voucher for the Xilinx Vivado Design Edition software (device locked to the Zynq 7015). The Smart Vision Carrier Card provides several industry standard vision connectivity interfaces, including GigE Vision (GEV), USB3Vision (U3V), and CoaXPress (CXP). The included Quick Start Guide will have you running the out-of-box design in less than 5 minutes. The Smart Vision kit also includes demonstration versions of several advanced software tools to help accelerate your embedded vision development.

SVDK Block Diagram.

The SVDK is an evaluation platform for Xilinx Zynq FPGA, which focus explicitly on customers in Machine Vision. It is a cooperation on the companies Xilinx (project management), Avnet (sales), Sensor2Image (hardware development, motherboard), MVTec (Halcon software) and Silicon Software (VisualApplets software).
it covers the Avnet evaluation board PicoZed. This board is plugged on a motherboard, which is equipped with following interfaces: GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, CoaxPress (Dual), HDMI. Additionally a sensor board can be plugged. An 1,2 MPixel sensor (with Gray scale, 8bit format) is in the delivery.
The Zynq processor of the PicoZed board requires VIVADO and is not programmable with ISE software.
The SVDK is directed for a camera development, i.e. the video interfaces GigE, USB3 and CXP are output channels – the SVDK displays itself as a camera.

SmartVision Front Aptina Microzed

SmartVision Aptina Microzed

  • PicoZed 7015T SOM
  • Machine Vision Carrier Card
  • Aptina 1.2MP camera module
  • CoaXPress interface
  • GigEVision interface
  • USB3Vision interface
  • HDMI output
  • VisualApplets version 2
  • SVDK platform installer
  • Documentation Getting Started
  • RT license (with runtime limitation)
  • Example application with Canny edge filter.
  • PicoZed (Zynq-7015) SOM module
  • Machine Vision Carrier Card
  • Aptina 1.2MP camera module
  • Universal Power Adapters
  • Mini-USB-B to USB-A cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Vivado Design Edition – Device Locked
  • Downloadable documentation and reference designs

Technical Specifications

Product Name
PicoZed 7015 SOM
128 Mb of QSPI Flash
COMMUNICATIONS 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY
USER I/O 148 User I/O (135 PL, 13 PS MIO)
PL I/O configurable as up to 65 LVDS pairs or 135 single-ended I/O
4 GTP Transceivers
OTHER JTAG configuration port accessible via I/O connectors
PS JTAG pins accessible via I/O connectors
33.33 MHz oscillator
Machine Vision Carrier Card
COMMUNICATIONS 10/100/1000 Ethernet x2 (PS based, and PL based)
USB 3.0, implemented with Cypress EZ-USB FX3
USB Serial
2 Push-Buttons
4 Test Pins (available on 6 pin header)
HDMI Output, implemented with ADI ADV7511
USB3Vision (U3V)
CoaXPress (CXP) Host/Device
Aptina 1.2 MP Camera Module
APTINA AR0134 SENSOR Monochrome
Resolution = 1280×960 (1.2MP)
Frame Rate = 54 fps at full resolution
Pixel Size = 3.75-micron
Optical Format = 1/3 inch
Dynamic Range = 64 dB
Global Shutter
OPTICS Standard lens mount: M12
6mm lens
Product Name
VisualApplets SVDK
Match Code 180202
Article Nr. VA-SVDK
Product Profile FPGA Programming environment for third party hardware Smart Vision Development Kit
Tech Description VisualApplets SVDK offers with its interface installer and the VisualApplets version an easy-to-use and intuitive access, even for software programmer and application engineers, to program a FPGA for Machine Vision applications. The periphery of the evaluation board SVDK is integrated after installation. This special VA-SDVK version has temporal and functional limitations!
Category Software Environment
Requirements SVDK
Software Compliance VisualApplets 2.0+
Remarks – no remarks –
Product Compliance Smart Vision Development Kit
Product Flavours VisualApplets SVDK Demoversion