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VisualApplets 3 – Extension Packets and New Functions

To mark its tenth anniversary, VisualApplets 3 has been released as a 64-bit version with extension packets and new functions. The version includes additional operator libraries, called Extension Libraries, providing an expanded range of functions for segmentation and classification as well as for compression. Beyond these, there are operators that represent loops in the data flow model, whereby image sequences and comparisons, as well as image batch processing can be calculated on the FPGA, conserving resources. The FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) operator has been expanded to resource-efficiently implement more complex filters with high computing load, such as band pass filters. Moreover, Xilinx Vivado software can be used for the final creation (synthesis) of the FPGA hardware code as applets, which in many cases increases the implementation speed.

For image processing and data signals it is possible with VisualApplets to create and process complex applications intuitively, directly use pre-configured applet examples or to integrate own VHDL libraries.

VisualApplets 3.0 – FPGA Programming Environment

VisualApplets 3 offers a graphical data flow programming environment for real-time applications in Machine Vision based on FPGA processors
VisualApplets Expert imports VHDL code for a genuine conversion in VisualApplets
VisualApplets Embedder implements a VisualApplets compatibility on hardware level
VisualApplets Libraries extends algorithms and designs by operators
VisualApplets Protection offers protective mechanism for applets on FPGA base

VisualApplets Expert enables advanced users to easily import existing HDL code from VHDL and Verilog into VisualApplets and to further work with them as generic operators. Operators created on their own can be added to the custom library. With Expert, it is additionally possible to debug the design under runtime condition and to set paths to parameters in hierarchical structures.

With VisualApplets Embedder, the image processing hardware from suppliers of cameras and image processing devices becomes compatible with VisualApplets. In so doing, a majority of the image pre-processing takes places on the device’s FPGA, saving resources. Users get a tailor-made camera with the greatest flexibility possible and can implement image processing applications directly in the camera.

VisualApplets Libraries expands the scope of operators to encompass valuable image processing functions, such as those for segmentation and classification as well as compression.

VisualApplets Protection protects your design and IP know-how, and binds it, encrypted, to the FPGA hardware.

Functionalities at a Glance

VisualApplets 3 Functions