Product Finder: Framegrabber

The product finder assists you to find the most suitable products for your Machine Vision application by technical and economical criteria.

The interface between camera and frame grabber defines a technical specification as well as a pre-selection of components for a system. Silicon Software offers all digital interfaces with relevance to industrial standards and operational use.

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  • CL
  • CLHS
  • CXP
  • GiGE
  • LVDS

The bandwidth defines, what image data transfer, resulting from camera resolution, bit-depth and frame rate, can be supported to achieve the system requirements. Silicon Software supports bandwidth up to new generation standards with 4 GBytes/sec.

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  • < 2 Gbit/s
  • < 4 Gbit/s
  • < 9 Gbit/s
  • < 20 Gbit/s

The number of cameras, which are used in a system, is often limited by the selection of the Machine Vision standard and available PCIe slots of the motherboard. Silicon Software supports with its frame grabbers multi camera support as well as multi-board support in PCs.

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  • ≤ 4

Cable length is one of the important topics for system integrators, when components are setup at the production location. Silicon Software offers with various standards and enhanced technologies an extended cable length and a higher flexibility in the system setup and industrial environment.

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  • < 40m
  • < 100m

Modification, change requests, scalability and even customization by programmability are often needed at systems, to extend the life cycle of products. Silicon Software offers extensions, advanced technologies and programmability as features to support the life time of your systems.

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Systems compete in an international market and have to offer USPs, technical advantages or low systems costs. Silicon Software offers various solutions with short time to market advantages, transfer of our USPs to your systems and even middle and long-termed profitability.

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