In addition to the frame grabbers themselves and our software solutions, we offer our clients a range of variable add-ons that make it possible to configure specific requests even more exactly.

Alongside hardware add-ons, additional software licenses are among our application-specific imaging modules (SmartApplets), as well as network parts and cables for all needs.

Add-Ons for Your Hardware

In the frame grabber sector, we offer our customers the following add-ons:

  • Trigger Boards: additional in- and output signals for connecting external devices
  • Interface Adapter: additional interfaces in the PC such as the high-speed Thunderbolt interface
  • Pixel Plant: additional FPGA, storage and I/O-resources using daughter boards
  • CLIO: refreshing and distribution of incoming image data

Add-Ons For Your Software

SmartApplets: individually usable and immediately executable

With SmartApplets from Silicon Software, our frame grabbers’ range of functions can be individually expanded. They are loaded directly onto the frame grabber’s FPGA – comparable to smartphone apps-– and are immediately executable.

Despite their ease of use with no additional programming effort, what SmartApplets can provide goes far beyond mere image improvements or corrections. Even complex image preprocessing, segmentation and classification tasks can be computed in real time and with high algorithmic quality. For these functions as well as a range of others, such as binarization, compression and 3D processing, we offer our own SmartApplets library for each.

By transferring the image preprocessing into SmartApplets, the entire system is accelerated while the host computer’s CPU load is reduced. SmartApplets are continually being expanded and upgraded.

Example of different types of binarization.

Additional licenses offer extra uses

For VisualApplets, we offer a series of additional libraries that offer our customers expanded segmentation, classification, and compression functionalities.

Also available are:

  • Expanded protective function for transferring programming from VisualApplets
  • Storage devices for VisualApplets licenses (Dongle)
  • Additional operating system support

Always Properly Connected: Cable and Power Supply

Everything you need to properly connect our components to each other, to other devices, or to the ideally configured power supply, you can get under one roof from Silicon Software.

Our selection includes:

  • Power supplies for frame grabbers
  • Industrial, screwable cables
  • Cables for special trigger connections and synchronizations
  • Heat sinks for frame grabber processors
  • Expanded operating temperature environments