Products from Hardware to Software to Service: A Full-Feature Solution Portfolio

Our Components and Services Help to Develop Solutions Even for Customized and Sophisticated Requirements.

Silicon Software’s Product Portfolio Offers Solutions in the Areas of:

Hardware Products and Accessories

We develop and distribute standardized image acquisition components for image capture and processing. These devices support all relevant digital standards for industrial use. For important functional enhancements, we have developed peripherals and add-on boards designed to give our products higher operational flexibility.

For individual requirements beyond our standard products, we develop OEM projects as hardware solutions or adapt our standard products to new system requirements via FPGA programming.

Software Products and Libraries

Our frame grabbers are delivered with powerful software products that simplify the configuration of the product and system parameters. Diagnostic tools ease analysis and integration into the system environment.

For the development of individual applications that run directly on the frame grabber’s FPGA, VisualApplets provides the ideal platform for beginners and experts – from application engineers to hardware programmers. The intuitive graphical user interface helps you to become a specialist in a short time. If you want to use VisualApplets, but your FPGA-based sensor system is not yet VisualApplets supported, you can supplement the lack of compatibility with embedded VisualApplets (eVA). Additional image processing libraries for VisualApplets and SmartApplets help you to safely realize your applications’ implementation and guarantee you a short time to market.


We consult, we train, we develop. Silicon Software offers a broad range of services to support our customers to build up their own know-how or to be faster to market. We support the development of customer products, whether with individual additional functions, integration of VisualApplets compatibility for camera or sensor manufacturers, or as a partner for OEM solutions.