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The selection and integration of Machine Vision products requires special know-how. Being an interface branch adds aspects from various areas that have to be considered. Mechanical impact has to be considered just like signal handling or connecting external devices. System manufacturers have to possess knowledge in the area of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Silicon Software’s support possesses longstanding expertise in frame grabber products and its areas of application. The high level of competence in dealing with interfaces and components that are related to frame grabbers, and our good relations to the manufacturers help with quick and uncomplicated problem solving.

Should you have questions using our products please contact the Basler Support Team under:
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We doing our best to guarantee an error free product delivery. We apologize, if problems will still occur with our products.
For these cases, we please you to fill out our support form to contact our team. Please take time to describe the occurring error as detailed as possible. It will help you and us to solve the problem short-termed. Thank you in advance.

If a repair or an exchange of our products is necessary, please fill out the RMA form to receive a RMA number for the return. It helps us to assign your product to a support case.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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