LightBridge Gives the Frame Grabber a New Home

At the VISION Show 2014 Silicon Software presented a recognized new product concept: LightBridge – an external frame grabber with Thunderbolt. The new LightBridge was awarded with the “inVISION Top Innovation 2015” by TeDo. The basic idea of the LightBridge is surprisingly simple: It releases the frame grabber from the PC, brings its own housing directly into the camera, connecting it to the PC via optical fiber cable and inspired by the entire image processing.

Get to Know LightBridge in Four Minutes

How to use the LightBridge? How can LightBridge help your company? Learn with Bill, Paul and Jim of “Better Products” which problems can be solved. Lean back and enjoy a simple story…

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LightBridge is a completely new product concept and understands itself as an external image acquisition and processing component, enabling mobile real-time processing.

The free e-book “Image Processing 2.0 – Give Your Image Processing Wings” with all the important information about LightBridge is available here.

Inner Values:

  • Fanless design, RS485 interface for Automation, numerous IO signal connectors, high IP protection class …
  • Already adjusted to the requirements of industry 4.0.

The Most Important Technical Data – An Overview:

  • 2* SDR26 for PoCL Base, DualBase, Medium, Full, Deca Full
  • 2* Thunderbolt 1GB/s, fiber optical or electrical,
  • PCIe technology, high data bandwidth of 940 MB/s @10 Gb/s
  • 1* photocoupler RS485 terminal connector with 4 ingoing and 4 outgoing pins
  • 1* HDSub15 with 8 ingoing and 6 outgoing pins
  • 1* power connection for 24V
  • Silicon Software Driver and SDK Software
  • Compatibility with microEnable-4 and -5 Triggers
  • Compatibility with microEnable-5 Applets
  • Dimensions: 100*120*54,4mm
  • IP40 protection class