On the “1st Industrial Vision Conference – Industrial Image Processing in Production and Automation” from 8th to 9th March 2017 in Ludwigsburg (Germany) we will hold a speech on the future of frame grabbers.

Industrial Vision Conference

Thematically the presentation covers the development and further development of frame grabber technology:

  • Existing and new standards
  • Future requirements for image acquisition and processing technology
  • Future requirements for software solutions
  • Requirements for the customizing of frame grabbers
  • New influences from Automation, Factory Floor and particularly Industry 4.0.

Our speech focuses especially on embedded Vision and where frame grabbers as classical boards may transform.

Aim of this conference with about 20 presentations (in German language) is to highlight the different aspects of the industrial image processing in production and automation. An application emphasis lies on the automotive and robotics industry.
Target group of the conference are executive managers and decision makers of the automotive manufacturing and supplier industry, from the mechanical and plant engineering, vision along with users of industrial image processing systems.

Information and conference program (in German)