Package Info
Size1.074.160 kBB
Create Date9. January 2019
RuntimeSetup with Applets v5.6.1.75854 Win64.exe

Runtime Installer for runtime software including all applets of any Silicon Software frame grabber device.

RT version 5.6.1 (installer number v5.6.1.75854)



Previously released Windows Installer of runtime service release RT 5.6.1 (v5.6.1.75621) contains critical bug and is no more available for download.
If you already installed RT 5.6.1 (v5.6.1.75621) using the runtime installer available until 22nd of January 2019 please delete the installation folder of Runtime 5.6.1 (for example, C:Program FilesSiliconSoftware5.6.1). Important: Don’t execute uninstall.exe from this installation!