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Workshops and Trainings for VisualApplets


Silicon Software offers an extensive training program

to get to know and use its software programs in an optimal way.

Visual Applets – The Ultimate “How-To”-Workshops

Silicon Software offers an extensive training program for you to learn the award VisualApplets graphical FPGA development environment in an optimal fashion. We work out substantiated basics in the handling with VisualApplets in collaboration with you, which can directly be used for a quick and flexible realisation in own Machine Vision projects.

The purpose of our training is for you to learn VisualApplets in the most efficient way possible. The hands-on practical nature of our introductory training creates a basic knowledge for you to build upon. Our advanced training course focuses on specific image processing problems and solutions. No knowledge of FPGA processor development or architecture is required by participants. Use the opportunities of VisualApplets to save time and reach the target faster – from a concept to a ready-to-run framegrabber application with pre-processing in a few minutes. And even with changes and modifi cation in the design.

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VisualApplets Workshop | © Silicon Software GmbH

what is Visual applets for?

VisualApplets  | © Silicon Software GmbH

VisualApplets is a graphical rapid development environment for FPGA processors in real-time machine vision applications. VisualApplets was developed by Silicon Software to empower software and applications engineers to use FPGA accelerated hardware based image processing. Its graphical approach via data flow models greatly simplifies FPGA programming and the creation of real-time image processing algorithms and processes. VisualApplets was awarded the International Vision Award in 2006 and its new module, VisualApplets Embedder, won the Vision System Design Magazine 2017 Gold Innovators Awards in 2017.

Software engineers, applications engineers, FPGA developers and engineers from the Machine Vision industry, quality management teams and innovative executive managers and experts in Machine Vision, Machine Vision system integrators and OEMs.

  • VisualApplets: Introduction and Overview
  • Handling and functional principles
  • Development of designs by drag ’n’ drop
  • Operators and applications
  • Connectivity with cameras
  • Simulation of applications
  • VisualApplets: Analysis of resources and errors
  • Examples from Machine Vision practice
  • Custom specific applications on demand

Visual Applets Workshops and Coachings

Visual Applets Workshop Module 1

One-day training -  Introduction and overview of VisualApplets (VA)
  Venue: Mannheim (Germany), Silicon Software headquarter
  Price: 450€

Workshop fee per person, drinks and snacks included. The workshop fee is partially reimbursable (250€) when the attendee purchases a VisualApplets license.

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VisualApplets Coaching

A customized workshop according to your requirements and presented by a application engineer. Daily rate exclusive of travelling time, travelling and overnight accommodation expenses.

VisualApplets Coaching - daily rate 1,440 €

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