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Product and Application Videos


Would you like to get an overview of Silicon Software, product demonstrations and helpful instructions?
Enjoy our presentations.

hardware products

Markus Grebing, Head of Development at Silicon Software GmbH, on the future of frame grabbers on the “1st Industrial Vision Conference” 2017 (German language).

LightBridge - The flexible solution for Factory Vision. How to optimize the performance of your Factory Vision with LightBridge and also save costs

LightBridge – Overcoming space and time. Dr. Klaus-Henning Noffz held a speech about LightBridge frame grabbers at the Vision 2014 trade fair. LightBridge frame grabbers are connected from outside to the PC by an optical fiber. Noffz explains the respective LightBridge types for the different camera models.


software products

Welcome to the World of VisualApplets 3.

Interview on VISION 2016 fair with chief editor Dirk Schaar of the magazine INDUSTRIELLE AUTOMATION on future prospects of embedded vision in image processing (in German language).

This Embedded Computer Vision for Intelligent Stations demonstration showcases high image processing speed and safe recognition of inspected objects by combining the programmable logic in the Zynq All Programmable SoC with Visual Applets from Silicon Software.

This video demo demonstrates an optical-inspection demo from the recent SPS Drives 2013 show held in Nuremberg, Germany. The demo shows the speedup made possible by moving image-processing tasks into programmable-logic hardware.


The video describes a demonstrator of Silicon Software, presented at different Asian trade fairs, processing CNN classification on FPGA with high data rate of more than 200MB/s in real-time.

Presentation of a focus stacking system with Optotune’s focus tunable lens at STEMMER Technology Days 2017.