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Consulting – Coaching, Consulting, Feasibility Studies for Image Processing


Silicon SoftwarE'´s coaching, consulting and feasibility studies

support clients involved in concrete realization and implementation tasks of machine vision.

Services from training to complete support

The services offered range from consulting to the complete assumption of development tasks for customer-specific products (customizing) - in order to accelerate the processes from planning to implementation at the customer.

The focus is on reprogrammable FPGA technology, for which Silicon Software has built up specialized know-how by developing its own graphical development environment (VisualApplets) for hardware programming. This allows project goals to be achieved faster, more efficiently and thus also more economically.

focus areas

Consulting services: from employee training to expert discussions at project level
Introductory and laboratory workshops: thematic focus on the use, handling and expansion possibilities of hardware and software solutions
Project-accompanying consultations: Possibilities of realization, strategies for integration, feasibility studies
Project-supporting developments: Realization of partial solutions, support for integration issues.

VisualApplets Workshops

The practice-oriented workshops in small groups provide basic knowledge, advanced know-how or expert knowledge in a short time, depending on the participants' previous knowledge. They gain important experience for independent use in their projects.

  Basic training for beginners (one day); learning goal is to create basic VisualApplets
        designs oneself

  Workshops for advanced learners (one or more days); learning objective is to acquire
        specific know-how on the basis of concrete questions

  Focus workshops on special topics (one or more days)

Use the potential of graphical FPGA programming!


The coaching is focused on a customer project and includes both consulting and development services by an application engineer at the project kick start. On this basis, developments can be continued by the client or realized through development contracts.

  Support for concrete realization and implementation tasks

  Often on customer site with development team

  Duration depends on project complexity, usually several days

  Result is normally a proof-of-concept design


In the conception phase of a project, the project requirements are brought into line with the realization possibilities in expert discussions and the concrete technical realization is determined. The use and combination of hardware and software, their scaling and flexibility in the event of changes in requirements - all this and more is the focus of our consulting services. This extends to the end of the project and beyond.

  Analysis of project complexity and cooperation

  Recommendation of  additional components such as camera, optics, light, etc.

  Often for customers without VisualApplets knowledge

Feasibility Study

If the feasibility of a project is difficult to assess, the feasibility study determines to what extent, by what means and in what time a (partial) solution can be implemented.

  Analysis of complex projects on the basis of a specification

  Economic feasibility and costs, technical implementation and duration

  The result is a detailed report

  Outline of possible future steps

  When and which resources are needed

  Platform recommendations

  Assessment of performance

Development (Customizing)

If there is a need to extend or adapt the hardware and software solutions to customer-specific requirements, this can be done in-house or Silicon Software can be commissioned. The functional extensions or modifications enable individualization of the hardware and thus unique selling points, which increases competitiveness.

  Evaluation of the implementation of already developed software functions in hardware or special algorithmic requirements

  On the basis of a detailed specification Silicon Software creates an executable VisualApplets design as a prototype or
        even a productive applet

  Customers are enabled to carry out further development independently

  Saving of own development resources by customers

  Shorter development times and reduced development risk

Design Review

Design Review is a special offer for experienced VisualApplets customers to review their VisualApplets designs.

  Extend the understanding of experienced VisualApplets customers

  Based on an existing project, with focus on VisualApplets or Runtime/SDK related questions

  Mostly in remote sessions