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Application Examples for Many Industries


VisualApplets provides for numerous image processing tasks and for an effective image pre-processing,

by which image data and the CPU load are reduced, immediately usable image processing applications as applets. Furthermore with the graphical development environment, it is possible to create fast and easily without any hardware programming own applets (as .hap files) for individual image processing applications. Existing hardware code (VHDL and Verilog) can be taken over in VisualApplets with VisualApplets Expert.

Industry Comprehensive Image Processing Applications in Real-time

The VisualApplets delivery contains as a standard applets (reference designs) for classical image processing tasks:

All standard processing steps in the image processing such as pixel operations (image intensity, contrast, histogram adaptations, illumination corrections, …), linear and nonlinear digital filters (Laplace, Gauss, …), edge and outline detection (Canny, Sobel, …), morphological operators (Dilate, Erode, Open, Close, …)

Classification and segmentation tasks such as Blob Connected Component Analysis

Color processing (e.g. De-Bayering/De-Mosaicing, HSL color classification, color space conversions, white balance)

Statistical image analysis

Processing of image sequences

Histogram operations, signal and trigger processing for complex camera and illumination control as well as actuators.

Additional applets can immediately be used for special applications and be further developed on one’s own using VisualApplets

VisualApplets Libraries Blob 1D | © Silicon Software GmbH
  • Format conversion

  • Multi ROI

  • Line, illumination and shade correction

  • Compression

  • Conversion into pixel lists

  • Geometrical transformations and localization (position, rotation, perspective)

  • Motion analysis

  • High Dynamic Range

  • Depth from Focus

  • 2D image processing, 3D image processing

  • Laser pointer detection and laser triangulation

  • Hyperspectral applications

  • Surface inspection, pattern recognition

  • Blob analysis (object recognition, segmentation and classification)

  • Sobel filter (magnitude)

  • Flat field / shading correction

  • Binning

  • Fast Fourier transformation

  • Deep/machine Learning (CNN)

  • Programming of the control signals (trigger)


Read more about the use of VisualApplets and the numerous immediately usable Applets in the User Documentation,
which is continuously enhanced