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Hardware and Software Solutions


Our Image Processing Solutions are Trusted by Companies Around the World

Solutions by Silicon Software are found in multiple industries and applications

Extraordinary quality standards require extraordinary solutions. We are proud to be asked to create image processing solutions with our hard- and software products that aren’t available off the rack, giving our customers yet another leg in their competition. And image processing solutions are often decisive when dealing with unique selling points in competition.

Frame Grabbers (Hardware)

Silicon Software designs and produces image acquisition boards (A-line) and intelligent image processing boards (V-line) with FPGAs as processing core, suited for a highly parallelizable data processing in real-time.

Frame grabbers of the A-line in the image recording series offer additional preprocessing functions alongside image acquisition, while those in the image processing series enable programmability with VisualApplets for functional individualization.

More about the frame grabbers

VisualApplets (Software)

VisualApplets is a graphical development environment which allows software programmers and application engineers without special hardware development knowledge to create by intuitively data flow models and in short time complex individual and industry-specific image processing applications on FPGAs.

The programmable frame grabbers of the V-line are pre-licensed for the use with VisualApplets. They can be equipped with image processing applications, which are directly executed on the frame grabber highly parallel and with minimal latencies.

More about VisualApplets

Add-ons for Hardware

Trigger Boards for additional in- and output signals for further external devices

Add-ons for Software

VisualApplets extensions and additional libraries (licenses) offer expanded functionalities

Software solutions for configuration, testing and initial operation of the entire image processing system - easy and flexible with microDiagnostics, microDisplay and the frame grabber SDK


Our services for manufacturers and users consist of consulting, development and integration.

We work out new paths with you to optimize your image processing solution.

We realize OEM developments from conception of a new product all the way through to licensing of an available series product.

We help you ensure all requirements to your image processing solution such as efficiency, technological advances, and return on investment.

Industries and Applications

Many markets and industries rely on Silicon Software solutions and count on proven applications, which optimize their image processing results in real-time:

Sensor Correction

Image Reconstruction

High-Quality Color Reconstruction (CFA Bayer filter)

Alteration of Contrast Luminance or Gamma Values

Real-time 3D Analysis

Complex Blob Analysis

       and many more…