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R.A.M. - Realtime Appl. Measurement

The collaboration leads to a higher quality at foil manufacturing. A consistent quality assurance in the production is boosted. Updates for the camera system can shortly be provided.

Thorsten Weidenfeller, Chief Technology Officer at R.A.M. GmbH

Project Results


  • Area-wide analysis of foils with high resolution for the detection of smallest defects
  • Enhancement of the R.A.M. inspection system with frame grabbers and software from Silicon Software
  • Secure differentiation and real-time analysis of detected defects


When it comes to the manufacturing of band material such as foils it is essential to deliver an error-free quality to the end customers to avoid returns and expensive reworking. To achieve this, it is required to analyze the foil’s surfaces dependably on defects already in the production and to initiate quality-securing activities in time.

With the inspections system by R.A.M. GmbH, Germany, in which frame grabbers and software by Silicon Software are integrated, foils can be analyzed area-wide with high resolution, detected defects be differentiated securely and analyzed in real-time and therefore the processes in the production be optimized.

  • Error-free foil quality by quality-securing activities in time
  • Resource-saving image pre-processing on frame grabber FPGAs
  • Independent graphical programming of special applications with VisualApplets

R.A.M. - Realtime Application Measurement GmbH (Germany) provides solutions in the area of the web surface inspection, thickness measurement of web products and residual moisture measurement in plastic pellets, and selected areas of RF equipment.