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Low & Bonar

With the new image processing system, we are in a position to find more complex errors in the material at the same time. We can alter the system at any time with VisualApplets and modify it for new requirements. Further investments for this are not needed.

Gerrit Verbruggen, Project / Maintenance Engineer at Low & Bonar

Project Results



  • Difficult and very processor intensive inspection task: detection of errors such as unopened yarn, dark and light spots, and a combination of both
  • Use of GigE Vision frame grabber and VisualApplets for the graphical programming of image processing applications, triggering, and peripheral connection
  • Transfer of the algorithm for unopened yarn in VisualApplets


The task of the image processing system is to find errors such as unopened yarn, dark spots, light spots, and a combination of dark and light spots. The unopened yarn algorithm is very processor intensive and is executed by the Silicon Software frame grabber together with the flat field correction. In a very short time STEMMER IMAGING B.V has done the programming of the microEnable IV VQ4-GE frame grabber using VisualApplets.

The programmed hardware applet contains a flat field correction algorithm for line scan cameras and a multiple 9x9 morphological filter for precise, down-to-the-pixel analysis of filaments as well as a stitching functionality to combine the individual intermediary result images into a single entire image.

  • Solution for a difficult inspection task with real-time image processing on FPGA
  • Programming of the frame grabber using VisualApplets for execution of multiple image processing steps by partner STEMMER IMAGING B.V.
  • Flexible handling and adaptability of the image processing system
  • Reduction of the number of PCs and short implementation time of the whole system

Low & Bonar PLC, headquartered in London UK, is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance materials (polymer fleece).