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As a member of numerous standardization committees,

Silicon Software works intensively on the further development of image processing standards.

In particular, existing image processing standards will be further developed at the International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM), held twice a year, Silicon Software organized in spring 2018 in Frankfurt together with the VDMA. An important meeting at the IVSM is the G3 Future Standards Forum (FSF), which consists of five international image processing associations and decides on new standards. With GenICam, the industry has a software standard that is accepted by all camera interface standards.

We are active in the following associations and committees


Board Chairman of VDMA Machine Vision (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association)

Member of the Automated Imaging Association (AIA)

Member of European Machine Vision Association (EMVA)

Head of embedded GenICam und Embedded Vision Study Group (EVSG)

Head of CLHS/CXP Roadmap Committee (CCRC)

Steering Committee of OPC Vision

Member of GenICam Specification Group

Member of Camera Link Specification Group

Member of Camera Link HS Specification Group

Member of CoaXPress Specification Group

Member of GigE Vision Specification Group