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Multiple Awards for Compelling Products

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Compelling Products Honored with Multiple Awards

Since the development of our image processing software VisualApplets in 2006 it has been honored several times with international prizes. Also the external image processing device LightBridge with Thunderbolt™ technology as well as our deep learning hard- and software were awarded.

Vision Systems Design 2019 Innovators Awards Program
The FPGA based Deep Learning frame grabber microEnable 5 deepVCL convinces by executing deep neural networks (CNN) with high bandwidths over 200 MB/s and high detection accuracy, even in difficult inspection environments. The board can integrate pre-trained networks for numerous applications, which can be flexibly configured via the CNN operator of the graphical development environment VisualApplets. The frame grabber was awarded the Gold Innovation Prize at the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2019 program.
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Vision Systems Design 2018 Innovators Awards Program
Distinction for our Deep Learning concept, based on deep neural networks, specifically Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), in FPGA processors, at Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2018 Program with the innovation prize in Gold. The prize underscores the high relevance of Deep Learning for Machine Vision and non-industrial imaging as well its use in embedded Vision.
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Gold Award VSD

Vision Systems Design 2017 Innovators Awards Program
VisualApplets Embedder has been honored with a Gold level award by the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2017 program. The prize underscores the outstanding fields of application of this solution in the image processing and embedded Vision.
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Vision Systems Design 2016 Innovators Awards Program
Thanks to their integrated VisualApplets graphical programming environment, the Baumer LX VisualApplets cameras enable users to realize individual application-specific image preprocessing algorithms directly on the camera’s FPGA.
For this product innovation, the cameras were honored with the Platinum Level Award at the “Vision Systems Design 2016 Innovators Awards Program.”
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inVISION Top Innovation 2016
LX VisualApplets cameras from Baumer, a new class of camera for simple image preprocessing directly on the FPGA, were awarded the inVISION Top Innovation 2016 prize.
With our solution VisualApplets Embedder, we have given Baumer a tool with which even users and imaging experts with no programming skills can implement complex image preprocessing tasks directly inside the camera.
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Award inVision 2015

inVISION Top Innovation 2015
The price was awarded to the external frame grabber LightBridge. The jury honored the contribution for moving issues of image processing and optical measurement technology forward.
LightBridge is a an external image acquisition and image processing component which can be connected to a host PC as a stand-alone image processing system using long electrical or optical Thunderbolt™ cables.
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International VISION Award 2006
The launch of VisualApplets started directly with a bang and the solution was awarded in the same year the international innovation prize VISION Award 2006. The high-level programming language for FPGA image processing developed by us connected the worlds of VHDL codes with software programming.