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Specialist in Programming Vision Processors


With Our Solutions, We Want to Help Companies to Steadily Improve their Productsā€™ Quality

Silicon Software is a specialist in the development of hard- and software solutions
for quality assurance and process engineering

Quality is our Passion

Humans learn even in the first years of life not just to see their world, but to break it up into pieces and to analyze it as well. Today, we use technology that enables us to see processes that are invisible to the human eye. Our hard- and software solutions are integral parts of applications that perfect products and processes.
Using hard- and software developments, Silicon Software produces series products and OEM solutions according to client-specific demands that are then implemented for quality assurance in the automation industry.

Specialist in Programming FPGAs

The increasing demand for improvements in automation and quality assurance requires new, more flexible, and more high-performance solutions. By using FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) ā€“ the technological core of controllable automation processes ā€“ even complex visual inspection tasks and high-speed applications can be implemented in real time. Silicon Software is a globally recognized technology leader in the programming of FPGA processors. Using this technology as a basis, real-time image processing solutions for industrial use are realized.

Used Worldwide in Industrial Imaging: Frame Grabbers and FPGA Programming Tools from Silicon Software

As a specialist in frame grabbers and imaging Software, Silicon Software develops innovative, intelligent products that fuse image capture with immediate processing. Image processing cards in our microEnable product line are one key area. They support the most important digital camera standards. Thanks to the FPGA programming Silicon Software uses, new functions can be added and results can be analyzed in real time.
Another key area lies in our VisualApplets product range. This software enables graphic programming of FPGA vision processors using flowchart, allowing hard- and software programmers to implement demanding and time-sensitive applications on FPGA hardware within minutes.