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23 May

Another Distinction for VisualApplets in Baumer Cameras

Thanks to their integrated VisualApplets graphical programming environment from Silicon Software, the Baumer LX VisualApplets cameras enable users to realize individual application-specific image preprocessing algorithms directly on the camera’s FPGA.

As a result, image data can be processed with very high resolution and speed, efficiently and cost effectively – and without elaborate hardware programming or additional frame grabbers.
For this product innovation, the cameras were honored with the Platinum Level Award at the “Vision Systems Design 2016 Innovators Awards Program.” Following the 2016 inVISION Top Innovation award, this prize is the second such distinction already this year. The prestigious expert jury, consisting of system integrators and end users, ranked the cameras among the top international innovations of the imaging industry in 2016, due to their innovative use of technology, their customer benefit, and the productivity resulting from the technology, among other factors.
Using the VisualApplets programming environment, software developers are able to simply and quickly create complex algorithms as flow diagrams for demanding applications, and to automatically execute a variety of error analyses and corrections.

VisualApplets in LX VisualApplets cameras simplify hardware-based machine vision. Photo: Baumer GmbH

VisualApplets in LX VisualApplets cameras simplify hardware-based machine vision. Photo: Baumer GmbH

Thanks to a multitude of integrated examples and flexibly combinable operators, nearly every image processing task can be easily realized. Moreover, an integrated, image-based simulation enables rapid verification at every step of development.

The combination of high-performance industrial cameras and the graphical FPGA development environment is of particular advantage for users who do not possess the appropriate know-how for FPGA programming and camera development. This is because the cameras can be flexibly adapted for complex applications with specific functionalities in image improvement, data reduction and process monitoring. Operation of the software is adapted to the imaging language and is particularly appealing for software programmers and application engineers who lack prior experience with hardware programming.

By shifting parts of the image processing to the camera, customers profit from an accelerated development process and maximal know-how protection since they program the cameras themselves, independent of the camera manufacturer. At the same time, the amount of data to be transferred and processed is reduced, relieving the PC-based imaging system of CPU-intensive algorithms, raising the image analysis accuracy, increasing throughput, simplifying the system configuration or reducing system costs. Customers use a GigE interface and make use of cost-effective hardware components, instead of using expensive interfaces such as Camera Link® together with a frame grabber.

“We are pleased that this technical collaboration with Baumer is so successful and that hardware-based imaging using the programming environment meets the needs of industry experts and users more and more. The repeated awards demonstrate that a high market potential exists for this new solution,” underscored Klaus-Henning Noffz, Managing Director of Silicon Software.
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