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15 Jun

Change from microEnable IV to marathon Camera Link Frame Grabbers

For the change from the microEnable IV frame grabber with Camera Link interface to the microEnable 5 marathon Camera Link frame grabber we provide an extensive change guide. Simple and clear you are informed step by step about the changes and new possibilities with the modern marathon frame grabber.

At the end of 2019, the microEnable IV Camera Link frame grabber family was discontinued. In the guide you will find detailed information on what you need to consider when making the change – whether hardware, acquisition applets or supported software versions. The microEnable IV GigE Vision boards will be continued and are not affected by this. All suggested replacements are already available and successfully introduced into the market.

The VisualApplets User Forum offers customers, using VisualApplets with programmable V boards of the microEnable IV, further information.


Frame Grabbers:



  • Opto-coupled trigger boards version IV have already been replaced by those of version 5. Alternatively, in many cases the front GPIO can also be used without a trigger board.


Replacement Schedule

Change Guide




Red Hat Support and New Frame Grabbers

Runtime Service Release 5.4.2


Halcon Adapter for Runtime 5.4.4 and for mE 5 marathon Frame Grabbers

HALCON Adapter - mE 5 marathon


VisualApplets Trumps with Two New Extensions

VisualApplets 3 with Two New Extensions