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6 Mar

Korea Vision Show 2019 – Digital Transformation

From 27 to 29 March we will be represented with our own booth at the Korea Vision Show 2019 in Seoul, which has the motto “Digital Transformation in Manufacturing”. At booth 1-S116 and the partner booths of Datvision (booth 1-S140) and Cylod Imaging (booth 1-V140) we will show our hardware and software for the special requirements of Machine Vision for real-time, high speeds and bandwidths as well as for non-industrial industries such as electronics, robotics, medical technology and many more. The focus is on topics such as deep learning, embedded vision, intelligent sensors and industry 4.0 / IIoT, for which our solutions ensure faster market availability and reduction of overall system costs.

Korea Vision Show

The demonstrator at the booth will present a deep learning application realized with a programmable, FPGA based “CNN ready” Camera Link frame grabber and a deep neural network configured with our VisualApplets software. In interaction, inferences per second could be achieved which are several times higher than with comparable GPUs, with an equally high recognition accuracy. Classification tasks can thus be performed much faster and more accurately than with conventional image processing.

Products Presented at the Booth

Frame grabbers of the product lines microEnable IV and microEnable 5 for all prevalent camera interfaces for high-speed applications
External frame grabber LightBridge 2 with connection to the host PC over (long) ThunderboltTM 2 cables, which is ideal for harsh environments
Graphical FPGA programming environment VisualApplets for programming frame grabbers, cameras and vision sensors with countless intelligent functionalities for image and signal processing (e.g. image pre-processing, synchronization of multiple cameras, real-time triggering of sensors and actuators, applications such as deep learning, fast transfer of result images via DMAs to the PC, …). Know more about the software in our VisualApplets Forum.

Hardware and software for FPGA accelerated image and signal processing

Silicon Software on Korea Vision Show 2019
Booth 1-S116
27 to-29 March 2019 in Seoul, South-Korea
COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul, Hall B
http://automationworldkorea.com/ (en)
http://automationworld.co.kr (ko)

Registration Visitors (at no charge with pre-registration)

Distributor: Datvision Co., Ltd. (http://www.datvision.co.kr), booth 1-S140
Distributor: Cylod Imaging Co., Ltd. (http://www.cylod.com), booth 1-V140

We look forward to your visit!


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