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Silicon Software is a globally recognized technology leader in the development and programming of image processing boards and individual OEM products with FPGA processors.

Frame Grabbers

visual applets

Award-winning VisualApplets software enables easy and fast graphic programming of FPGA vision processors using flowchart - also for software programmers and application engineers.

Visual Applets

embedded vision

VisualApplets Embedder is an easy-to-integrate solution to use real-time FPGA image processing in devices like cameras and vision sensors. Integrate once - program forever.

Visual Applets Embedder

E-book Deep Learning...

Deep vision becomes reality

Ultrafast JPEG Operator

Ultrafast JPEG Operator with Scalable Data Rate

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharma & Packaging: Blister Packaging

Print Inspection...

VisualApplets application example

Press Release VisualApplets 3.2...

Scalable operator for JPEG compression as well as a Tcl console

customer successes


Quality Optimized Foil Manufacturing

Better Polymer Fleece Quality Using VisualApplets

Logo M.E.K. Marantz

PCB Inspection Gets a Quality Boost

M.I.T. Mascaro Imaging Technologies GmbH

Multichannel System with Exact Timing

Razor-Sharp Results with Extended Depth of Focus

Improved Image Quality for Safer Tumor Surgeries

Automotive: Laser Welding
100% control of the laser weld

Laser Welding of Tailored Blanks

By analyzing the profile, the weld structure and pores in a single compact sensor the fully automated online inspection system controls to 100% the weld at laser welding.

Automotive: Rim Types
Identification of wheel / rim types of cars

Identification of wheel / rim types of cars

VisualApplets with the HDR application has been implemented on the camera FPGA using VisualApplets Embedder.

Electronics: Document Processing
Document Scanning with VisualApplets

Document scanning made more flexible with VisualApplets.

Using VisualApplets, image rotation and affine transformation can be programmed individually according to client- and application-specific demands.

Electronics: Flat Panel Inspection
Quality Inspection for TV Screens

When TV screens continually become bigger, quality inspection must continually happen faster.

Technology makes it possible: TV screens continue to be offered in bigger and bigger formats – despite the large TFT screens, the image quality remains razor sharp.

Glass Production & Processing: Glass Surfaces
Inspecting Glass Fronts Electronic Devices

Inspecting glass fronts for electronic devices using VisualApplets.

Many modern products require error-free glass fronts for a flawless aesthetic appearance and optimal functionality.

Pharma & Packaging: Blister Packaging
Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging: cameras grow more intelligent with VisualApplets Embedder.

The right pills have to go in the right packaging: imaging in the pharma industry can allow no errors.

Print Inspection: Bank Note Inspection
More Performant Bank Note Inspection

Bank notes are only genuine if they have the right colors

During most bank note inspection, high data rates are captured, requiring fast, delay-free processing.

Transport & Traffic Systems: Railway Inspection
Railways - Value Retention and Safety

When dealing with railway traffic safety, VisualApplets are frequently involved

The value retention and safety of modern railways require highly specialized test and inspection procedures that fulfill demands on effectiveness and profitability.

Woodworking & Lumber: Wooden Surfaces
Best Wood Veneer Quality

Illumination control with VisualApplets secures the quality of wood veneer.

The best wood veneer quality is only achieved when boards all have the same surface profile and are free of undesirable irregularities in structure.