Why Silicon Software?

The growing demand for improvements in automation and quality inspection requires advanced, more flexible and high-performance solutions. Silicon Software is one of the international leaders in Machine Vision technologies. Our innovative product lines offer a broad range of applications and our service offers further possibilities of customer-specific adaptation and solutions.

For this purpose Silicon Software develops and produces image processing boards and provides individual OEM solutions with software based FPGA processors programming. Based on this technology we realize solutions in the field of real-time image processing and industrial use.

There are at least three good reasons why to work with Silicon Software:

Our employees are pretty much in agreement about our company's recipe for success.

passionate ... creative ... persistent ... perfectionistic ... success-driven ... responsible.

passionate ...

“Sounds funny – but it’s often the case: the tasks that others can’t find a solution tour the ones that are the most fun for us.“

creative ...

“If we’re supposed to develop something for clients, we all agree really quickly: it should be done quite ingeniously …“

persistent ...

“How does the saying go? ´There’s no such thing as impossible.´ Goes for us as well: no one around here gives up that quickly …“

perfectionistic ...

“Actually, we don’t like perfectionists. But in the end, everyone wants it done perfectly.“

success driven ...

“There’s one topic that interests everyone most: which projects were we able to land?“


“We can make mistakes here – as long as wie show that we’re ready to do it better the next time.“