Our hardware solution VisualApplets Embedder has been honored with the innovation prize in gold at this year’s Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards Program. The prize has been officially awarded on AUTOMATE 2017 fair in Chicago and underscores the outstanding fields of application of this solution in the image processing and embedded Vision. The innovation simplifies and speeds up the programming of FPGA devices such as frame grabbers, cameras, vision sensors and scanners with individual image processing applications using the graphical development environment VisualApplets and by this accelerates the market availability of vision solutions.

VSD Award 2017

To get image processing devices compatible with VisualApplets, a dynamic IP core is generated within the FPGA device only once using the awarded VisualApplets Extension Embedder. The IP core can be equipped with real-time image processing algorithms as often as desired. By this, manufacturers of image processing devices open their hardware platforms for the graphical programming with data flow models to develop custom image processing applications and can allow end users to program their own FPGA based developments, by what e.g. the data load, bandwidths and system costs in their projects are reduced. The integration process primarily requires the definition of the IP core’s interfaces and its integration into the FPGA whole design.

Accelerated customer-specific applications for any FPGA device

FPGA programming gets considerably simplified with VisualApplets. As a result, tailor-made algorithms for manifold new image processing applications are available for image processing, signal control and an effective pre-processing directly in the device reducing the data load and accelerating image processing results. The applications are portable in few steps on different hardware designs of further devices.

Compared to time-consuming HDL programming, VisualApplets graphical development using data flow models is faster by factor 10 to 100 and also accessible for software developers as well as application engineers. By using the more than 200 operators, they can easily program even the most complex applications on FPGAs / SoCs without any HDL knowledge or leverage the more than 80 included applets designs from different application areas to start their projects.

VSD Innovators Award 2017