VisualApplets 3.0.6 is delivered together with Runtime 5.5.1, which supports our new 4-channel CoaXPress frame grabber microEnable 5 marathon VCX-QP. The VisualApplets hardware library has been enhanced with multiple operators which support the VCX-QP board. Among others operators for the operation of one to four independent cameras, which support many pixel formats and bit depths, and the interfaces to the digital inputs and outputs of the frame grabber. For a fast start new pre-configured examples for line and area scan cameras are available as Basic Acquisition Applets.

For all our CoaXPress frame grabber series (microEnable 5 marathon and microEnable 5 ironman) with single, dual and quad camera ports the pixel format of incoming image data can be defined. All Mono, RGB and Bayer pixel formats described by the CoaXPress specification are supported. For special formats a RAW format can be selected.

Definition of the pixel format of incoming image data

VisualApplets 3.0.6 enables the export of designs as text file in Tcl script code, intended for revision control and for comparing different versions. By using “diff” software, diverging text areas at the comparison can be marked by color. The use of Tcl script code enables furthermore the creation of VisualApplets designs on text basis.
Documentation Tcl Scripting

Important for PoCL users: With version 3.0.6 synthetized *hap files for microEnable 5 marathon VCL boards and the LightBridge VCL series now have by default a deactivated PoCL detection.

Release Notes and Online Documentation
VisualApplets 3.0.6 Release Notes
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