With version 3.2 of our graphical development environment, the JPEG Library has been enhanced with a new powerful JPEG Compression Operator. In addition to 8-bit gray image compression, color image compression can now be performed on the microEnable 5 marathon and ironman frame grabbers. Using JPEG compression of increasingly large image data, applications with a continuous data stream for long image sequences and high-performance camera interfaces such as CoaXPress can now be realized.

The Tcl console in the extension VisualApplets Expert has also been further developed. Script collection makes it possible to create libraries of self-defined Tcl scripts, parameterize them and execute them from the user interface. New commands simplify the automated work with VisualApplets: to start the build flow, to select a saved build configuration as active and to start the two levels of the design rule check.

For a more comfortable development process a new simulation engine is implemented in VisualApplets 3.2. The application can be tested and verified during development for reliable information about the later runtime behavior. It is also possible to display the data throughput rate for each link in the design window. This also allows the bandwidth to be monitored and calculated during design.

The eVA (VisualApplets embedded) users have new configuration options: Starting with VisualApplets 3.2, all hardware platforms using the Xilinx high-performance FPGAs UltraScale and UltraScale+ are now supported.

A brief overview of the many other new features and improvements can be found in the Release Notes.

We hope you are also looking forward to the new features.