Presentations, discussions, voting – all participants actively involved

Our International Sales Meeting 2019 took place at the Technoseum in Mannheim, which was perhaps an unusual venue but very suitable for the occasion. This museum vividly presents the history of industrialization over the last 200 years. This is how groundbreaking technical inventions and products were created from many experiments, the risks and opportunities of which are made clear to visitors. The combination of information and experience at the experimental stations had also been implemented in our event: through several demonstrators, numerous application examples and in-depth presentations. They showed which new business opportunities in the image processing industry are opening up for us and our partners with the Basler integration of Silicon Software, according to the motto of the event: “Increasing Opportunities”.

As in previous years, many visitors came from abroad and Asia, who accepted the long journey to us in order to set the right course for the future together in a direct conversation. They and all other visitors were informed about how indirect sales will be continued, which hardware and software solutions will be developed – also together with Basler – and which focus topics will stand in the spotlight in the future. These include Deep Learning, 3D technologies, as well as embedded vision. In addition to new frame grabbers, VisualApplets release 3.2 will provide new operators that exemplifies how flexibly the graphical development environment can be used.

Group picture of ISM19 participants

Group picture of our participants

Applications explained first hand via demonstrators

Among the many possible usages is also the customizing by VisualApplets – by us or our partners – of the most diverse vision applications, some of which were presented at the event: Deep Learning based inspection of metallic surfaces for steel production and 3D stereo vision with a line scan camera for inspection of electronic components or sorting of pills; photometric stereo with area or line scan cameras and extended outputs for precise timing of various actuators were impressively demonstrated by our partner MST Vision. Whatever image processing application a customer needs – we have a suitable solution ready or can provide it quickly with our partners. Simply contact us or the partner in your region!