The Runtime service release 5.7 for Windows and Linux (32bit/64bit) is available. It contains the strongly revised software microDisplay X (see blog text) as well as ten substantially extended standard acquisition applets for the mE5 ironman CoaXPress frame grabbers AQ8-CXP6D and programmable VQ8-CXP6D. The applet sets support various CoaXPress topologies (single, dual and quad) and extended bit depths (up to 16 bit). They also offer more image pre-processing capabilities. This allows greater flexibility in image acquisition and easier integration into image processing systems. The maximum CoaXPress speed for all applets is CXP-6.

Especially for the programmable mE5 ironman VQ8-CXP6D a variety of standard applets is now available. This makes it easy to initially set up this board for CoaXPress cameras in the various CoaXPress configurations using simple plug&play.

Important new features and their benefits:

  • The applets offer horizontal mirroring and higher maximum image dimensions
  • Bitshift: In addition to alignment to left and alignment to right, output selection in the new applets also allows bitshift
  • The line acquisition applets allow mapping of trigger signals to any digital outputs on the GPIO bank (trigger board connector) and to camera trigger outputs (CoaXPress camera trigger signals). Signal sources can be for example Exsync, Flash, GPIs, LVAL and FVAL.
  • The line acquisition applets include a statistics module to count signal edges and to measure periods. This can be used to monitor the trigger system, to detect encoder signals with jitter and to record lost trigger signals.

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