In September our Headquarter relocates to a newly put up building in the business park Eastsite in Mannheim. Due to a steady growth of the employees up to meanwhile more than 50 colleagues we fulfilled ourselves the wish for bigger facilities with flexible room partitioning. After the 20 years‘ company jubilee last year we have another reason to celebrate.

Since the foundation of the company we remained true to Mannheim as its location. Silicon Software has developed from a startup to a market leader for image processing solutions in Germany. As the current room situation became again too constricted, we searched a solution in the city of Mannheim meeting the continuous growth of business and employees … and we struck in the Eastsite. In the business park are being built new office buildings – we are happy to be allowed to use one of them in the long term.

The building Eastsite IX offers approximately 2,500 sqm office space allocated to five stories and a free arrangement of the inner space. It is therefore adaptable to changing working methods and staff structures in the future. The modular construction type without main wall, using twelve modules in the width, five in the height and four in the depth, makes the whole structure of the building, which has been planned by the architects Fischer Architekten GmbH and be executed by B.A.U. GmbH & Co. KG as building constructor. The investment volume reached approximately ten Million Euros.

The new building Eastsite IX in Mannheim (Photograph: B.A.U. GmbH & Co. KG)

To all customers, distributors and suppliers!

Due to the relocation activities, we will not be available from Friday morning September 7th to Monday noon September 10th.
All orders received before August 31st can be sent out before the move.
For returns, RMAs or deliveries, please calculate the delivery times so that we receive the goods by Friday, 31st August at Steubenstrasse 46 or after Tuesday, 11th September at Konrad-Zuse-Ring 28.

New address from September 10, 2018:
Konrad-Zuse-Ring 28
68163 Mannheim
Phone numbers and contact persons remain the same.

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