Finally it’s time – with the release of Runtime 5.7 we publish the brand new microDisplay X, the next microDisplay generation, our software tool for easy set-up of image processing solutions with all Silicon Software frame grabbers.

High user-friendliness paired with numerous new functionalities

For an even better user experience, the well-known outstanding features were combined with even more user-friendliness during numerous hours of work. In addition to the integration of GenICam Explorer into microDisplay X, further new features have been implemented for an even more comfortable start-up. The completely revised user interface guides the user easily and safely to the first image acquisition of a camera frame grabber system. The new Line Profile and Line Histogram functions (which provide information on individual pixel values as well as the distribution of a line) make it much easier to set up line scan camera systems in particular.

A newly integrated log window provides access to general and camera discovery log information, grabber events and system status information at any time. And last but not least – with the plug-in system built into microDisplay X it will be possible in the future to provide users with new functions quickly and easily without a complete runtime release.
microDisplay X is part of the Silicon Software Runtime (from RT 5.7) and available for Windows 7, 8, and 10 (32/64bit) as well as Linux (32/64 bit). microDisplay X will completely replace the previous version microDisplay. During a transition period, both versions will be included in the runtime installation.

More information in the documentation

Clear overview of the available applets