On the “Korea Vision Show 2017” in Seoul, the most important Korean fair for image processing, we will present from 29 to 31 March 2017 on booth 1-P135 our newest hard- and software products for image acquisition and processing in real-time under the motto “20 years frame grabber manufacturer for high-speed image processing applications”. Our Korean distributors Datvision and Cylod are also present on the fair with their own booths.

Together we will show our frame grabber series for the most important powerful camera interfaces, the graphical development environment VisualApplets in version 3, VisualApplets Embedder for the programming of FPGA devices such as cameras and sensors along with application examples for Machine Vision and embedded Vision for numerous industries.


Let you demonstrate the following hard- and software solutions:

microEnable 5 marathon frame grabbers

  • Releases of microEnable 5 marathon ACX-DP and -SP for CoaXPress, and our CLHS frame grabbers (market launch in 2017)
  • Frame grabbers of the microEnable 5 ironman family for very demanding inspection requirements
  • Frame grabbers of the microEnable 5 marathon family for high-speed image acquisition and processing
  • Frame grabbers of the microEnable 4 family with a large field of applications
  • External frame grabber LightBridge with Thunderbolt™ technology for mobile and Factory Automation applications.
  • VisualApplets 3 for the graphical programming of FPGA image processing devices such as frame grabbers, cameras, vision sensors, etc. without any special hardware knowledge
  • VisualApplets Embedder for the compatibility of FPGA image processing devices with VisualApplets
  • VisualApplets Expert for advanced users (import of VHDL hardware code, debugging of the designs under runtime conditions; ease of parameterization in hierarchical structures).

Pixel-accurate simulation of the application

Korea Vision Show is the leading exhibition of automation & smart factory in Korea. The exhibition shows besides the standards of automation systems, such as sensors, control machineries, motion controls, robots, and machine vision solutions for Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0 and Big Data.
This year the fair will be held together with Smart Factory Conference, Automation System Conference, Motion Control Conference, Automotive Conference and many other informative sessions at the same time.

Silicon Software on Korea Vision Show Seoul 2017
Booth 1-P135
March 29th-31st, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea
COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul
http://automationworld.co.kr (ko)
http://automationworld.co.kr/en (en)
http://www.coex.co.kr/eng/event_exhibition/automation-world-2017 (en)

Distributor: Datvision Co., Ltd. (http://www.datvision.co.kr), Booth 1-P128
Distributor: Cylod Imaging Co., Ltd. (http://www.cylod.com), Booth 1-O120

We look forward to meeting you!