Streetview application (with directions)

The new operator JPEG_Encoder within the VisualApplets JPEG Library compresses 8-bit gray images with variable image compression rate in real-time on the FPGA. The JPEG Color library is implemented for 24-bit RGB color images. By reducing the raw image data, more image data can be processed for continuous data streaming. On FPGA-based and VisualApplets compatible image processing devices such as frame grabbers, vision sensors and cameras, the operator enables very high data rates. This is – only limited by the FPGA resources – freely scalable in order to adapt the implementation of the application to the desired data rate.

Graphical design in VisualApplets for color image compression

Grayscale and Color Image Compression for the Newest FPGA Technologies

The JPEG operator is available for the latest FPGA technologies and hardware due to its flexible adjustment options, such as parameterization of image quality, compression rate and header information. Additional data reduction can be achieved through optional image pre-processing prior to JPEG compression.

Continuous inspection of railroad tracks

The JPEG operator can reasonably be used anywhere where high image data volumes continually result. Along with industrial applications such as quality assurance of band material, applications such as archiving of image and book contents (book scanners), inspection of roads, tunnels, and railroad tracks, as well as time exposures documenting process or natural and landscape changes, as well as those in sports and entertainment, fall into this category as well.

Performance Features

  • Grayscale and color image compression in compliance with Huffman coding processes
  • Continuous data streaming for long image sequences with high data rates and minimal latency (real-time behavior)
  • Scalable data and compression rate (limited only by FPGA resources)
  • Relieving the CPU and reduced system costs
  • Easy to operate and configure (image quality, compression rate, header)
  • Baseline JPEG, JFIF 1.2.

The JPEG Libraries are part of the JPEG Compression Library within VisualApplets Libraries.