With Concurrent EDA we have gained a new development partner in the North American market for graphical FPGA development with VisualApplets, who will intensively support our customers and distributors.

Concurrent EDA New VADC

The company has been certified as a VisualApplets Design Center (VADC) for its outstanding expertise in converting specific function libraries directly from client software from C code to VHDL and integrating them into the VisualApplets development environment as custom operators. The certification is granted to partners who demonstrate their expertise through successful implementations. “Compared to pure VHDL development, VisualApplets reduced our design time from 6-months to 6-weeks”, confirms Dr. Ray Hoare, President and CEO of Concurrent EDA.

The new partner also acquired expertise in the embedding VisualApplets into custom cameras and embedded systems. Moving beyond frame grabbers, VisualApplets Embedder enables integrating VisualApplets into hardware designs on multiple FPGA platforms, turning them into a powerful and unique piece of customized hardware. “A fundamental advantage of VisualApplets is the ability to work with application images instead of analyzing individual signals from the analyzer. VisualApplets allows us to focus on image processing algorithms instead of VHDL syntax, this enables users to inspect full images at any point in the design”, says Dr. Hoare.
“We are happy and proud to add Concurrent EDA as our VADC partner. For applications with demanding requirements, we now have additional resources for programming and implementation services to increase the quality and performance of hardware applications and to simultaneously decrease our customers time-to-market”, added Mike Faulkner, Director of Business Development and Sales – Americas at Silicon Software.

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Graphical design example with VisualApplets for a laser triangulation application