Meet us at the Automate 2017 show in Chicago, Booth 2468, from April 3rd to 6th, 2017 and let us introduce you to our newest hardware and software developments for real-time image processing under the motto “20 years of frame grabber manufacturing for high-speed image processing applications”.

Automate 2017

We will present our series of frame grabbers for the most powerful camera interfaces and we will be demonstrating how modern FPGA programming can be achieved quickly and easily via our graphical development environment VisualApplets – Providing vision applications with unmatched parallel processing at the lowest latencies, be it for synchronized multiple high resolution cameras and large bandwidth reductions with high data throughput and 0% CPU load. Users without FPGA hardware programming knowledge can create advanced image processing applications with VisualApplets in a short time.

Baumer Demonstrator on Automate 2017

Baumer demonstrates their LX VisualApplets 3D camera for laser triangulation applications

For advanced programming of any FPGA image processing devices such as cameras, vision sensors and scanners with VisualApplets, a dynamic IP Core is created within your FPGA device using VisualApplets Embedder. Camera manufacturer Baumer will demonstrate, at booth #366, a 3D laser triangulation application programmed with VisualApplets which displays multiple 3D profile measurements from their LX VisualApplets 3D camera that transfers the processed data results to the host PC . Using VisualApplets within the camera greatly reduces the processing bandwidth load by GigE Vision into the CPU.

Sensor and camera manufacturer Tichawa Vision GmbH presents its Contact Image Sensors (CIS) device, the VDCIS Industrial Scanner. The VDCIS scans and inspects moving objects at varying working distances to the sensor using telecentric objectives, then processes and visualizes the acquisition results in real-time. For linescan applications, the VDCIS offers considerably improved working distances of up to 60mm and depth of fields of up to 15mm. Objects moving at high speed such as food, bottles and bulk materials can be inspected and sorted with high-resolution results in between 500 and 1,000 dpi.

Tichawa Inspection

High resolution acquisition results 
for objects moving at high speed 

Experience VisualApplets and VisualApplets Embedder at booth #2468 with application examples for Machine Vision and embedded Vision in multiple industries – accelerate the time to market of your Vision solutions!

Survey on Image Processing – Participate and Win!

Participate in our online survey of your future image processing requirements, preferred camera interfaces and needed FPGA resources. Be quick and get a chance as one of the first 20 participants to win an AMAZON eGift Card with a $25 US Dollars value.

Survey Image Processing

Survey Image Processing

Survey on Image Processing

We will demonstrate the following Silicon Software hardware and software solutions

Presentation VisualApplets

Graphical FPGA programming – easy and fast

  • VisualApplets 3 for the graphical programming of FPGA image processing devices such as frame grabbers, cameras, vision sensors, etc. without any special FPGA hardware knowledge
  • VisualApplets Embedder for the integration of your FPGA image processing devices with VisualApplets
  • VisualApplets Expert for advanced users (import of VHDL hardware code, debugging of the designs under runtime conditions, ease of parameterization also in hierarchical structures).

View the Animated VisualApplets Presentation

  • The release of our microEnable 5 marathon ACX-DP and -SP for CoaXPress, and our CLHS frame grabbers (market launch in 2017)
  • Frame grabbers from our microEnable 5 ironman family for very demanding inspection requirements
  • Frame grabbers from our microEnable 5 marathon family for high-speed image acquisition and processing
  • Frame grabbers from our microEnable 4 family with a large field of applications
  • External vision processor LightBridge with Thunderbolt™ technology for mobile and Factory Automation applications.

Overview High-speed Frame Grabbers

Poster Frame Grabbers

Overview frame grabber series

The Automate 2017 Show showcases the full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions and is organized by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), a global advocate for the benefits of automating. The exhibitors comprise many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and system integrators of robotics, machine vision, metrology, software, safety, motion control and drives.
The conference is fully integrated with the International Symposium on Robotics-Americas (ISR). At the same location ProMat 2017, one of the largest expositions for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain is also being held.

Silicon Software on Automate Chicago 2017
Booth #2468
April 3-6, 2017 in Chicago, U.S.A.
McCormick Place Chicago (Association for Advancing Automation)

Free Registration

Tichawa ( in our booth #2468
Baumer (, booth #366

We look forward to meeting and talking to you!